Map the world! And take me with you!

I recently read about mapmaking drones at and it was, of course, quite impressive! The “it” is mapping technology, drone technology, and how accessible and available all of it is becoming for the average bear like you and me.

The applications of mapping and drone technologies are easy to see: construction, landscaping, city planning, environmental studies, trip-planning, and so much more.

But I also wonder about the ethical considerations involved–not because I want to stop or even slow the progress of technology, but rather because I want our steps forward with technology to respect and honor the very people most affected by such advances.

Some questions to consider:

  • How are drones changing your sense of your neighborhood and place?
  • Do you lean toward greater use of drone technology and freedom to operate these or do you lean toward greater restrictions?
  • How would you feel if your neighbor operated a drone above your house or property without your permission?
  • How is privacy changing because drones can be equipped with cameras that can peer into our houses and backyards?
  • Should there be age limits on drone operators, like drivers’ licences for vehicles?
  • And so many more!

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