I noticed this video about the Pangolin on another WordPress blog. Saturday, Feb. 21, was apparently “World Pangolin Day” and I am sorry to say I missed it.

Truthfully, it is encouraging to see people around the world organizing and advocating for their particular causes. The internet has become such an important tool for everyone who cares about any issue to get their story out and amplify their message loud and clear.

Within minutes of watching this video, I learned a lot about Pangolins and their unique features of scaly skin, long claws, and a wicked tongue!

Nature once again shows us how an organism’s apparent limitations can actually mask many hidden strengths.

Now, how about we re-name a professional sports team after this formidable (if you are an ant or termite!) organism?

Here are some possible candidates for re-naming:

  • Penn State Pangolins – You might say, “Who has ever seen a Pangolin in Pennsylvania?” To which I would respond in kind, “Who has ever really seen a Nittany Lion in Pennsylvania?” *Zoo America doesn’t count!
  • Manchester United Pangolins – Futbol? Why not? Imagine the terror in opponents when the Pangolins arrive at the stadium, ready to claw their way to victory if need be!
  • Baltimore Orioles? No, no. How about Baltimore Pangolins? – The tough urban baseball team in a blue-collar American city might fit nicely with the Pangolin, which also looks tough on the outside. In both cases, the city of Baltimore and the Pangolin share a certain tenacity and perseverance that can’t be beat!

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